Why Us?

Why Society Now?

It is so easy to use that we have derived the following as a suitable equation for us at Society Now,

The overall result of the Visitor Management system set-up by us involves a cost-effective solution for implementing visitor security policies. It bridges the potential security gaps while providing the best of security and an easy-to-use interface that provides for responsive lobby processing. Apart from Authentic Report Generation and data availability, our products and solutions are adept in security maximisation.

  • Smart Society Management

  • Managing Society & Society Members relevant details, data & information which is compiled in the data base for easy access with respect to contact details, emails, reminders, invitations, notifications, etc.

  • Transparency in operations.

  • Enhanced Connectivity, bringing people together.

  • Better Communication amongst the members.

  • Improved Interaction

  • Increased Involvement in managing the society.

  • Simplified Accounting Module suitable to both a beginner and a professional.

  • Reports on the go

  • Secured Data & Storage

  • Access Control /Delegate different roles to members.

  • Tracking expenses & income.

  • Reduce hassles for maintenance payments, reminders, records, etc

  • Secured Data Management

  • Zero Complexity in Modules

  • System Functionality suitable for beginner & experienced personnel

  • Online/Real-time management of all society operations

  • Faster response time

  • Easy adaptation to Web & Mobile App functionality

  • Online Payment & E-wallet as well as SMS Notifications

  • Relevant, pivotal & necessary features for society management

  • 24/7 Support & Online Tutorial