About Us

About Us

Society Now is powered by T6 Solutions LLP and is one of their flagship products. T6 Solutions, is a technology driven company supporting the rapid development in the IT/Software/Internet/E-commerce other IT related sectors by bringing innovative products and developing various other products for its clients.

Society Now is a part of T6 Solutions, having its head office in Pune but has a Pan-India presence. The importance laid by the Government of India towards digitization and to create a Digital India lead to the idea of developing Society Now. Society Now is an intelligent product which facilitates efficient and effective management of the society and all its related activities. It brings a transparency to the overall functioning of the society. It aims to encompass all related fields of society management through its various featuresso that it emerges as a one stop solution for the society. Society Now brings together the community and enables the members to effectively interact with each other and be an active part of the society. It is designed and developed to facilitate easy comprehension by the society members.

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The ongoing transition to digitization in almost all the other sectorspaved the way for the development of Society Now.Society Now was developed to support in particularly the housing society sector so that it facilitates easy transition to modernization and digitization of society management.To have a portal for the housing societies which makes the transition relatively easier is the core essence behind the development of Society Now.

Society Now is developed, managed and maintained by a dedicated team of highly educated, experienced and enthusiastic personnel of this field who are focused in contributing to the society by constantly developing and tracking the trend/technology to improvethe management of the housing societies and contribute both to the community and society.

Society Now is focused in bringing easy transition to digitization of the societies and motivated to create a transparency of operations and getting the communities connected with each other efficiently through its various modules.

Our Features

Accounting Module
Accounting Module covers all the aspects of the society in reference to its accounting and record keeping of society funds.
Society Helpdesk and
Society Helpdesk includes the online complaints and request submission and real time solutions and results of them.
Facility Booking and Events
This feature enables the member to book the society amenities/facilities for a private function or event.
Classifieds section is included so that the members can post ads or view ads about things that may interest them to sell or buy respectively.
Smart Instant Poll
This feature facilitates Online polling which enables the society members to have a quick and organized online poll which is accessible ...
Society General Operations
you can keep a track of the maintenance, and assign maintenance tasks to other people and check the status of the work.
Society Document Repository
& Library
Society documents and important files can be saved and can be accessed from anywhere.
Buy/Sell & Rent
Buy/Sell & Rent enables the users to either post a property or search for a property that interests them.
Smart Parking System
Smart Parking system helps to effectively utilize your parking space and you can check by entering the number from the license plate to check whose car is it ..
Personal Financial Tracker
This is a unique feature which enables the user to have additional feature support.A user can track his own financial expenses in terms of the budget set by him
Society Budget v/s Expense
An exclusive feature, in which the society budget can be set by the admin ...
Live App Demo / Tutorial
Reduces the hassles of contacting us for any of your small problems or issues relating to some module.

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