Our Services

24/7 Support

We provide a 24/7 general as well as technical support for our customers. A quick response time from our end to solve the problem or to find the root of the problem is our priority. We can be contacted at any time as we believe in customer satisfaction and so that we redress all your problems relating to the functionality.

Online/Offline Tutorial

We believe in providing tutorials for our product let it be online or offline whatever suits the customer. Some may be more comfortable in an offline tutorial or vice versa. We can cater to all such customers by having both the forms of tutorials ready to assist for quick adaptation of the product.

Remote Accessibility

As we proudly say, Internet Access= Society Access. It is the core essence of our product. It facilitates remote access to any of the society members to be a part of the society community or operations, all they need is an internet access and they will have access to their society sitting at a remote location

Customize Subscription

As mentioned earlier we believe in customer satisfaction, for which custom made solutions should be available for them to reach their desired level of satisfaction. We tailor make the modules, if some additional features are required or if some are not required, it is totally up to the customer’s requirement. We do this so that the people can take maximum advantage of our software and feel responsible for their society

Data Handling/ Management

We facilitate data management by assisting in data filling, storage, backup, handling, etc. The data provided by you can be entered by us as per your requirement, we can maintain and handle it for you so that you can easily have access to them in a standard format.

Secure Storage

The data saved in our database is totally secured and you need not worry about loosing the data as we take preventive measures to keep our data safe and secured.