Based on client feedback, we have developed our newest product offering which can be used in medium to large sized housing societies. Such residential complexes used to have a group of security guards who used to do the work of providing security, conveying information, keeping records and track movements. We now present a fully automated way of managing the entire workflow of all visitors 24x7. Our visitor management system actually does much more than just keep a record of all visitors. Let us look at the offerings of our tool in greater detail.

  • Vehicle Tracking: You won’t need to keep a record of vehicle registration number, number of passengers and address of visitors. The tool will automate the updation of records for every car that enters or leaves the complex, with separate markings for vehicles of residents and visitors. There is a separate provision for monitoring the inwards and outward movements of water tankers.

  • Visitor Authorisation: When a particular flat has a visitor, the flat owner would get an automated notification and the system would await his authorisation before allowing entry to the visitor. In case the resident knows the name and expected the timing of the visitor’s arrival, the same could be notified to the Security team along with visitor’s phone number so that an OTP can be sent to visitor’s phone for verification purposes.

  • Staff Entry/ Exit: Residents have daily visits from staff like housemaid, gardener, cook etc. The security would swipe their allocated badges while entry and exit and would send an intimation to the resident.

  • Parcel Delivery: Our system also helps monitor the delivery of food, e-commerce packages, postal packages etc. by using similar notification, verification and authorisation from the resident.

  • Instant Visitor Notification: Our system ensures that if any flat has a visitor, the owners will be spontaneously notified about their presence.

  • Water Tank Monitoring: With a our system connected to your tank, you can keep track of exact levels in your tanks at any time. We can check if levels are increasing or decreasing and get alarms whenever certain thresholds are reached. Streamline your service operations by refilling/emptying only when needed.

  • Staff Attendance: To keep a check of all on-ground staff in the society, our system will have an entire database of available workers. These workers will be there for the intended work.

  • Visitor Photos: This allows an authentic flow of people in the society. It will help in tracking down the people coming into the society.

  • Pre-authorize Guests: This feature ensure hassle-free entry for the incoming guests. The user can just send a notification to the gate, so his guest/visitor doesn’t need to wait to fill forms at the gate.

  • My Daily Helps: All the domestic help coming to work for your on a daily basis being can be tracked with notification to the Flat owner, along with attendance keeping for the complete month.

  • Security Gate Entry/Exit Management: This feature ensures valid Register and Bookkeeping process without any delay. This record can also be helpful to monitor legit entry/exit of people in the society.

  • Security Analysis: It ensures a Record Review on the go. Security analytics ensure security monitoring and threat detection.

  • Parking Management : This feature ensures smooth traffic within the society. Visitor Vehicles are tracked for incorrect parking, to ease parking for society members.

  • Panic Button: The panic button ensures quick evacuation/action plan incase of emergency. Notifications can be spontaneously sent to the Gate for Security Help in case of theft .

  • Pre-Notify: Pre-Notify features ensure easy and smoothe entry process for a user expecting guest at any point of the hour.

  • Multi-layer access Control : This feature ensures a hierarchical flow of information to the Admin / Society Committee / Gatekeeper / Manager of the society. Different Rights and Displays under one Application ensure quick decision making.