How You Can Transform Your Apartment Into a Smart Home?

How You Can Transform Your Apartment Into a Smart Home?
September 10, 2018 Smart Home, Tutorials Viraj Shinde

Since the times are changing and technology is making inroads in everything we do, smart homes have become a reality with the availability of modern gadgets and other digital innovations. The availability of home automations systems, gadgets and apps has made homes smarter and comfortable than ever before. There are certain cool systems, apps and gadgets available that can make the apartment a little bit smarter.

Let’s begin with Smart Thermostats!

Smart Thermostats are intelligent temperature controllers that can adjust the temperature according to your surroundings and requirements. The technology pays learned attention to thesettings you like and give you the required temperature. This can be adjusted through smartphone app or through the motion detectors so they can adjust the temperature and energy use based on your location.

Smart Baby Monitors

This technology allows the parents to keep a watch over their babies through a micro camera that keeps an eye on baby’s nursery or crib. These cameras also come with a night vision that keeps a strong eye on your little one that they are OK at night.

Smart TV

Smarts TVs come with a whole lot of features that can be controlled through a single remote. The features include voice-activation, interaction and streaming of gaming capabilities. Also, various online streaming sites make it easy for you to choose programs for different members of the family.

Smart Lighting

The modern smart lighting captures your movements and switches it on and off accordingly. That’s called light automation and it saves a whole deal of electricity, helping you to control the electricity bill. The lights can also be controlled through smartphone apps and makes it easy for you to control the on/off process.

Smart Locks

Smart lock system works through passwords and numbers and be accessible to only the family members. You can access smart lock system from your smartphone to unlock or lock your doors.If you have gone out of the home and forgotten to lock the door, you can do it from your mobile app. These automation and digital assistance system can make your home more secure and smart.

There are certain technologies that make living in a township society much easier, which eventually benefits your apartment. The features are following –

-Interactive/User-friendly Dashboards

-A society info module

-An accounting module

-Society helpdesk

-Smart Society module

-Facility booking and event

-Smart install pole

-Society general operations

-Society document repository

-Smart parking system

-Classified system

-Classified section

-Buy/Sell and rent feature

-Other features include Refer and Earn, Jobs & Career, Reminder Tab, Personal Financial Tracker, Society Budget vs Expense Tracker, Role Assignment/Role Change, Live App Demo/Tutorial and User Friendly Web and App.

When the smart gadgets team up with smart society features, provided by Society Now, your apartment become a 100% pure smart apartment.

Using internet, smart gadgets, computers software, apps and digital products, a simple traditional home can easily be turned into smart phone. Society Now is doing just that – it’s turning the whole townships into a smart township eventually giving each apartment the benefit of digital technology.

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