Duties And Responsibilities Of The Managing Committee Of Housing Society

Duties And Responsibilities Of The Managing Committee Of Housing Society
November 06, 2017 General, Tutorials Viraj Shinde

According to Co-operative Housing Society Manual 2012 – here is the list of roles and responsibilities of cooperative housing society managing committee:

  1. Putting a board displaying name of the society, full address with registered survey No. and Registration No. near the main gate of the society which could be seen easily.
  2. To raise funds for the society.
  3. Recommend to the society for deciding maintenance fee, repair and deposit amount.
  4. To give membership, pass the resignation of members similarly to take decision regarding nomination of the members.
  5. Internal inspection of the flat.
  6. To take decision on the various applications received from the members.
  7. To take action against the defaulting members.
  8. To issue Share Certificate to the members.
  9. To call monthly meeting of the committee and finalize its minutes.
  10. To determine agenda of the annual meeting and to call Annual Meeting in prescribed period.
  11. To organise special general body meeting as required.
  12. To make arrangement of election for the formation of a new committee before expiring the term of the managing committee.
  13. To select office bearers by forming the new committee after election.
  14. After taking charge of the office by the members of the managing committee,it is obligatory on them to execute bond under Section 73(1) (1AB) in M-20 (bond paper of Rs.100/- and each separately on the cost of the society) and to include the same in the record of the society. Similarly, the responsibility to inform the concerned Registrar in the regard is entrusted with Secretary.
  15. It is necessary to take detailed note of taking charge, handover of record with its detailed list of the record received in the minutes of the managing committee meeting. Thereby the record regarding exactly which files received in whose possession and on which date is available with the society permanently.
  16. To fill up the vacant post in the managing committee as per provision in the bye-laws and Rule No. 60(5) of Maharashtra Co-operative Rule 1961.
  17. To accept the resignation of the members of Managing Committee.
  18. To keep neatly the files of members and society records.
  19. To finalise the financial statement of the society within 45 days at the end of the financial year.
  20. To submit society’s record for Audit.
  21. To make available papers mentioned in Section 32 as per members demand.
  22. To take decision as per provisions in by laws and laws on the complaints received from the members.
  23. To give necessary information to the members if he contacted society for selling of the flat and co-operate him for selling as per provisions in by-laws and laws.
  24. To take decision on the applicant regarding letting of the flat and inform the same to the concerned member within prescribed time limit.
  25. To make agreements as necessary on behalf of the society.
  26. To take necessary action for keeping the property of the society in order.
  27. To take insurance policy of the building and property of the society.
  28. To give approval for change in utilization of flat.
  29. To inspect flat of the member internally by taking prior appointment for the purposes of leakage/structural audit etc.
  30. To initiate action as per provision in law if the member makes hindrance in internal inspection.
  31. To sanction the amendments in laws, rules, bye-laws suggested by the government from time to time with the approval of the general body meeting.
  32. It is obligatory on the part of the government to give details of the bill/bifurcation and also as per which resolution/ bye- law if the members demand so.
  33. It is obligatory on the part of the society to accept less amount paid by the member than the amount shown in the bill and it is necessary to give receipt of thereof.
  34. There is a provision in the sub-rule about how much maximum interest to be charged. However, it is necessary to make resolution in the general body meeting about charging interest.
  35. By doing structural audit of the building, necessary repairs should have been carried out with the approval of the general body meeting.
  36. If the society does not have funds and if any member is ready to do leakage work on his own cost, then to form the rules in that regard and take approval of the general body meeting for the same.
  37. To submit the fault rectifying report in ‘O’ form by rectifying the faults in the audit report, within three months to the Auditor and to send its copy to the Registrar.
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