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What is Society Echo ?

Our aim is to make your life in a housing society easier every step of the way. Bridging the gap between members and the management as well as society and the Governing authorities in an efficient way is the goal! Advice from highly experienced personnel on conflict resolution and the best course of action along with socializing with other society office bearers in our discussion forum is the base of who we are.

What Do We Do?

Solving Issues Faced by Individual Members

An individual in a society may face multiple problems on a day-to-day basis whether it is new rules by management hindering their way of life or other personnel issue. The lack of set procedure and no support give rise to resentment amplifying the existing issues. Let us step in and give the individual and the management a platform to resolve issues in a timely and peaceful manner with the help of experienced experts.

A Guide Book for the Society’s Management

Peaceful resolution of issues with individuals along with managing the problems faced by a huge entity on a regular basis is a daunting responsibility on the management’s shoulders. We’re here to equip you with the experts you need for efficient and swift solutions, these experts will also act as arbitrators as and when required, along with providing general guidance to the society management for easy & efficient resolution of problems in any aspect

Policy Related Society Problems

Abiding by the rules and regulations along with incorporating new policies of the government as required is a tough and very important task for the management. Our resident experts are well versed on all things society management and conflict resolution. Get real time help and decipher legal documents in no time!

Who Will Help You ?

Suhas Patwardhan
Chairman - Pune Dist. CHS Federation
Vice Chairman - Maharashtra CHS Federation
Vikas Walunjkar
President - Pune Dist. CHS Federation (Sinhgad Rd.)
Senior Journalist
Adv. Mrudgandha Joshi
Expert Director - Pune Dist. CHS Federation
GDCA-Govt. Diploma in Cooperation

In Association with


Pune District Co-Operative
Housing Society Federation


Maharashtra State Co-Operative
Housing Federation







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Our Support Service

Help Center

Helpful newsletters and articles relating to topics of conflict and issues faced by housing societies to help individuals and management deal and resolve situations in an effective way, these resources will be sent to individuals who sign up.

Knowledge Base

This is a power house of information created by our experts on the most common issues faced by individuals and management along with the most suitable resolutions and a plan of action. All these resources will be at your fingertips!

Discussion Forum

Connecting and socializing with other office bearers will help every member gain different perspectives & end up helping the society grow as a whole! In this era of physical distancing connect with people around you online and build a community of like-minded individuals!

Announcement Forum

Important circulars or time sensitive information and even regular changes will reach every person in an instant through our announcement forum. In this digital era let’s move past notice boards and have information a tap away!

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