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Is Your Data Secured From Theft Everyday

We have all heard “Data is the new oil”. We have come across articles pressing on the importance of data privacy and how we can secure it. A lot of websites recommend regular password changes, don’t save passwords, encrypt your data for utmost safety and so on. As a novice to the world of data, understanding what is actually happening might become overwhelming and confusing. Thus, there are three important questions we should ask ourselves to sail through the data storm:

Q1. Why is data and its protection important?
Q2. How can we protect our personal data?
Q3. How do we know that the companies are securing our data?

Data is valuable because it gives a real-time insight into your life. Organizations take intelligent and informed decisions based on your consumption pattern. They develop better products according to their understanding of what is your preference, as decoded by data. Therefore, data is imperial for organizations. Protection of data is important because just like the real world the cyberspace has thefts and frauds too. This data can be used without the user’s permission and can put important information at risk!

So, can we do anything to secure our data? Yes, we can. Here is how to begin with it:
1. Create strong passwords including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
2. Regular password changes.
3. Create a backup for your data.
4. Install anti-malware software.
5. Secure your wireless network at home and office.
6. Constantly check and configure app privacy policy.
7. Change app permissions from “Allow Always” to “Allow only while using the app”
8. Disable Bluetooth on your phone or tablets while not using it.

Almost every company today, uses data to improve its offerings. To ensure data is safe and secure, thoroughly read the privacy policy of the company. Check if they follow all data laws and regulations. Read on how they use this data as mentioned in their framework.
Get hands-on knowledge as to what system is in place by the organization to secure data. Make sure to consent to the data privacy policy. Learn if they encrypt the data and who can access this data.

With SocietyNow, your data is secured at all stages. It’s our promise!

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