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Are You Compromising On Your Safety In A Society

They say safety begins at home! And rightly so, as this is the first place where we are taught how to never compromise on safety. In this fast-paced world, security has become a major concern, especially in residential societies. We often hear or read in the news how anti-social elements enter the society in disguise and attempt wrongdoings which put the whole safety of the community into question. In such situations, even societies under 24*7 surveillance of security guards and CCTVs might not be sufficient to relieve us. Not only that, but the society management also feels helpless as they cannot trace back the individuals due to lack of details or as they can’t remember or see  the face of the burglar.

Tough times call for tough measures. With the advent of technology, we can now safeguard our community and it’s members. It is all about knowing and having access to the right resources. The situation creates a need for a medium which stores all the details of the visitors in the society for enhanced protection. Not just visitors, but also the details of daily staff who assist the community and the residents such as cooks, maids, cleaning staff, guards etc.

Society Now has a comprehensive system of visitor verification. As soon as an individual enters the premises of the residential complex, our gatekeeper app enables the security to record all the details. The record contains information of name, number, the purpose of visit and a photograph. With the Society Now app, the members can keep track of everyone who comes to their house for any kind of work. Here is how Society Now’s visitor authentication takes care of you and your family:

  • Approve the entry of a visitor through push notifications and SMS sent on your mobile.
  • Verify the visitor on the basis of his photo and phone number as recorded by the Society Now app.
  • Inform the security and your close ones instantly in case of an unverified visit.
  • Receive automated IVR calls in case of missed notifications or to cross-check the visitor details.
  • Pre-approve the entry of your guests by sending them an OTP and e-invite beforehand.
  • Add a list of frequent visitors and family to ensure their seamless entry.
  • The app also assists in managing vehicle parking, thus simplifying the identification of cars that are in the society belonging to a resident or a guest.
  • Last but not least, the app alerts the security in case a visitor makes an unauthorized overstay cautioning them for a probable danger.

In these ways, you can safeguard the society, traceback culprit individuals in case of an unwanted situation, and empower the society members to create alerts in an endangering situation, instantly through the app. Take the matters in your hands before it’s too late and join Society Now, to make societies securer and smarter!

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