What are Smart Apartments and Why They're the Future of Living.

What are Smart Apartments and Why They're the Future of Living.
April 04, 2018 Smart Apartments, Tutorials Karan Oswal

Today, we live in a world that is connected than ever before and devices are all getting smarter by the day. We are on our way to building smart nations, with smart cities and cutting edge infrastructure. The first step towards this is smart homes, apartments and smart societies.

Smart apartments are touted to be the future we will live in. According to some popular surveys, millennials prefer renting out to buying property, especially apartments since they foster a sense of community. With the advent of connected devices and Internet of Things(IoT), many houses have started turning into mini-ecosystems. With plenty of advantages, smart apartments are here to stay!

A smart apartment is a home space that comprises of smart devices like lighting that are voice command driven, home security system, internet connected speakers and sound system, etc. What sets smart apartments apart from regular smart homes, is the community services. Some features are, smart parking system, common digital database of all tenants, society budget tracker, internet backed emergency hotlines etc. Companies such as Society Now are revolutionalizing smart apartment community services. Novel but very useful services like Interactive Dashboard, Smart Instant Polling, Society Document Repository etc have been introduced. There are a plethora of apartment management softwares and apartment management systems in Pune as well as in many major cities across India that one can choose from.

A smart home space eases everyday living and saves plenty of time by automating repetitive jobs. Once configured, it adapts very well to changes and can be used reliably for everyday tasks. Making data available on the internet cloud is always safe, especially in the case of any data loss.

Smart bulbs and LEDs are designed in a way that they save electricity. One can remotely control all the home appliances using a console like a smart phone, which is very useful during emergencies. With a smart home, one can always be secure with respect to entry of strangers. Overall, a smart home ensures one has a smooth living experience, with plenty of time for recreation. Smart home spaces are safe for children and pets. Some of them even have their own personalized bots, catering to many specific needs.

Smart apartment associations and societies are paving the way for next gen living, that is, making the optimal use of technology for our enhancement, comfort and safety. Smart apartment societies foster community integration and development. To make matters easy, off late, many companies have built reliable and robust society management system software that help manage communities in a hassle free manner. Digitized documents reduces paperwork greatly and are tamper proof. Some societies have smart play areas and smart libraries for children. Event management has become a one stop portal. Smart health centers greatly help the older people. Comprehensive medical records can be maintained and updated easily. What's more is, 24/7 facility is provided. Society expense and budget tracker aid in managing the finances appropriately. Also, moving in and out becomes much easier for tenants since the documents are all centralized. A lot of effort is saved that way. Each user has a residential management system through interactive devices and a dashboard, to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the society and around. For those willing to grow their businesses and firms from the comfort of their homes, the opportunities are readily available.

Thus, smart apartments and societies are truly ushering in a new era of living.
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