What's New in Smart Apartment Technology?

What's New in Smart Apartment Technology?
May 10, 2018 Technology, Tutorials Tushar Zawar

Since internet has vastly changed the way we perceive and react to our surroundings, it has become all the more imperative thatinternet technology should enter our living spaces also. Society Now, a unique initiative, carries a simple concept to make our lives better, though the simple idea that connection to internet means connection to society and internet access means society access. This simple idea is the foundation of Society Now brilliant features to make your living space modern and smart. The Smart Apartment Technology includes some revolutionary features such as –

-Interactive/User-friendly Dashboard that displays all the necessary information and data to the user in a presentable and user friendly manner.

- A society info module that includes all the basic information about the society that should be easily accessible to the members of the society.

- An accounting module that covers all the aspects of the society in reference to its accounting and record keeping of society funds.

- Society helpdesk and community that includes the online complaints and request submission and real time solutions and results of them.

-Smart society module for online PG, SMS gateway, Notices and Meeting.

- Facility booking and event that enables the member to book the society amenities/facilities for a private function/event.

- Smart install pole which enables the society members to have a quick and organized online poll which is accessible to residents.

- Society general operations which keeps a record and view the general operations of the society.

- Society document repository and library where important files can be saved and accessed from anywhere.

- Smart parking system which helps in effectively utilizing your parking space and one can check by entering the number from the license plate to check whose car is it and can immediately contact him to remove his car.

- Classified section to post and view ads.

- Buy/Sell and Rent feature to enable users to post about a property or search for a property that interests them.

- Other features include Refer and Earn, Jobs & Career, Reminder Tab, Personal Financial Tracker, Society Budget vs Expense Tracker, Role Assignment/Role Change, Live App Demo/Tutorial and User Friendly Web and App.

Getting all these tech-driven features make Society Now a force to reckon with.

The above mentioned services should be 24/7, with the availability of online/offline tutorial/Remotely Accessible with secure storage and proper data handling/management for a smart lifestyle to really exist.

In this internet and tech-driven era, everyone wants to live in a smart way. That’s where the smart apartment technology enters. The technology makes sure that one lives in the best possible manner through the effective use of technology and internet and gets the best of features to lead a good life.

The finest thing about the smart apartment technology is that it gives residents’ a benefit that they can access information and carry out activity at their fingertips. That means, the smart apartment technology brings more comfort and efficiency in managing of the overall society, which amazingly brings miraculous results to residents’ apartments. The new innovations in smart apartment technology ensure a smart digital lifestyle.

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